nLab John Schwarz

Co-founder of string theory.

Selected writings

On the NSR superstring:

On the Scherk-Schwarz mechanism:

On the Green-Schwarz superstring:

On the Green-Schwarz mechanism of anomaly cancellation in heterotic string theory:

On the Green-Schwarz mechanism and KK-compactification of heterotic supergravity/heterotic superstring to 6 dimensions (see also at D=6 N=(1,0) SCFT):

On anomaly cancellation in supergravity/string theory:

Review of the Green-Schwarz superstring on Ads 5×S 5Ads_5 \times S^5 in light of the AdS/CFT correspondence:

On the self-dual string:

On the Perry-Schwarz action for the Green-Schwarz sigma-model of the M5-brane with the self-dual higher gauge field after KK-compactification to 5d (and double dimensional reduction to the D4-brane):

On Green-Schwarz sigma-models for D-branes:

Early review of M-theory and AdS/CFT duality:

On type I' string theory:

Review of dualities in string theory:

On the history of string theory:

Textbook account of perturbative string theory and M-theory/F-theory:

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