nLab Katrin Becker

Selected writings

On T-duality:

Textbook account of perturbative string theory and M-theory/F-theory:

On the BFSS matrix model:

On M-theory on 8-manifolds and C-field tadpole cancellation:

On M5-branes, M2-branes and non-perturbative effects (M5-brane instantons, M2-brane instantons) in string theory/M-theory:

Discussion of Cayley forms and wrapped branes on associative submanifolds:

On moduli stabilization in non-geometric string vacua:

On supersymmetry breaking in flux compactifications of M-theory:

On D=5 supergravity formulated in 𝒩=1/2\mathcal{N} = 1/2 superspace:

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