Shai Chester

Selected writings

Selected writings

On the conformal bootstrap:

Discussion of small N effects in M-theory using the conformal bootstrap:

Specifically for the D=6 N=(2,0) SCFT on the M5-brane via AdS7/CFT6:

  • Shai Chester, Eric Perlmutter, M-Theory Reconstruction from (2,0)(2,0) CFT and the Chiral Algebra Conjecture, J. High Energ. Phys. (2018) 2018: 116 (arXiv:1805.00892)

    from p. 2:

    On the other hand, given our utter lack of a complete description of M-theory, the bulk is not terribly useful for determining finite aspects of the dual CFT. However, we can turn this problem around using the modern perspective of the conformal bootstrap, which gives an a priori independent formulation of the (local sector of the) CFT. This provides an independent tool for constructing M-theory at the non-perturbative level, a philosophy that we will substantiate in this work.

  • Luis Alday, Shai Chester, Himanshu Raj, 6d (2,0)(2,0) and M-theory at 1-loop (arXiv:2005.07175)

Specifically for the D=3 SCFT (BLG-model, ABJM model) on the M2-brane via AdS4/CFT3

Application of conformal bootstrap to experimental superfluid-transition:

On the AdS-CFT correspondence for higher spin gauge theory:

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