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See also:

Discussion of superfluids via AdS-CFT in condensed matter physics:

  • Yu-Kun Yan, Shanquan Lan, Yu Tian, Peng Yang, Shunhui Yao, Hongbao Zhang, Towards an effective description of holographic vortex dynamics [arXiv:2207.02814]

  • Aristomenis Donos, Polydoros Kailidis, Dissipative effects in finite density holographic superfluids [arXiv:2209.06893]

  • Mario Flory, Sebastian Grieninger, Sergio Morales-Tejera, Critical and near-critical relaxation of holographic superfluids [arXiv:2209.09251]

On superfluidity/superconductivity of anyons:

Application of the conformal bootstrap to experimental superfluid-transition:

Discussion of axionic dark matter superfluids (fuzzy dark matter) on cosmic scales:

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