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In ordinary homology/ordinary cohomology represented as singular homology/singular cohomology, then the cap product operation over a topological space XX is the pairing

H p(X)H p+q(X)H q(X) H^p(X)\otimes H_{p+q}(X) \longrightarrow H_q(X)

given by combining the Kronecker pairing of the cohomology class with the image of the homology class under diagonal and using the Eilenberg-Zilber theorem.

More generally, in relative generalized (Eilenberg-Steenrod) cohomology/generalized homology represented by a ring spectrum EE, then the cap product

E p(X,A)E (p+q)(X,A)E q(X) E^p(X,A) \otimes E_{(p+q)}(X, A) \longrightarrow E_q(X)

is given on representatives (α,β)(\alpha,\beta)

[X/AαΣ pE],[S p+qβEX/A] [X/A \overset{\alpha}{\longrightarrow} \Sigma^{p} E] \,, \;\;\; [S^{p+q} \overset{\beta}{\to} E \wedge X/A]

(where X/AX/A denotes the homotopy cofiber/mapping cone by a map AXA \to X) by the element represented by the composite

S p+qβEX/AidΔEX/AXidαidEΣ pEXμidΣ pEX S^{p+q} \overset{\beta}{\longrightarrow} E \wedge X/A \overset{id \wedge \Delta}{\longrightarrow} E \wedge X/A \wedge X \overset{id \wedge \alpha \wedge id}{\longrightarrow} E \wedge \Sigma^p E \wedge X \overset{\mu \wedge id}{\longrightarrow} \Sigma^p E \wedge X

(e.g. Kochman 96, p. 136)

This pairing induces a corresponding pairing on Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequences (in the manner discussed at multiplicative cohomology theory/multiplicative spectral sequence), such that on the second page it restricts to the cap prodct in ordinary cohomology.

(e.g. Kochman 96, p. 138)


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