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The notion of homotopy Kan fibration is the evident homotopy-theoretic generalization ( ( , 1 ) (\infty,1) -categorification) of the notion of Kan fibration: where a Kan fibration is a morphism of simplicial sets (hence: simplicial objects internal to Sets) which satisfies the right lifting property against horn inclusions, so a homotopy Kan fibration is a morphism of simplicial \infty -groupoids (“simplicial spaces”, bisimplicial sets) which satisfies a homotopy-lifting property along all horn inclusions.

Just like Kan fibrations serve as the fibrations in the classical model structure on simplicial sets, so homotopy Kan fibrations are the fibrations in the archetypical model \infty -category-structure on simplicial \infty -groupoids.



A morphism f :X Y f_\bullet \,\colon\, X_\bullet \xrightarrow{\;} Y_\bullet is a homotopy Kan fibration if for all positive numbers n +n \in \mathbb{N}_+ and all 0kn0 \leq k \leq n the induced map

(1)X(Δ n)X(Λ k n)× hY(Λ k n)Y(Δ n) X(\Delta^n) \xrightarrow{\;\;} X(\Lambda^n_k) \underset { Y(\Lambda^n_k) } {\times^h} Y(\Delta^n)

(into the homotopy fiber product of the space of space of ( n , k ) (n,k) -horns in XX with that of n n -simplices in YY)

is surjective on connected components,

hence in that for all solid homotopy-commutative squares as follows, there exists a dashed lift up to homotopy (with the left morphism being the ( n , k ) (n,k) -horn-inclusion in simplicial sets regarded as degree-wise discrete topological spaces):

(Lurie 2011, Def. 3; Mazel-Gee 2014, p. 2)


For GGrp(Grpd )G \,\in\, Grp(Grpd_\infty) an \infty -group, consider a homomorphism of GG- \infty -actions




Relation to homotopy colimits (geometric realization)

See at geometric realization of simplicial topological spaces the section Preservation of homotopy limits.


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