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The identity natural transformation on a functor F:CDF: C \to D is the natural transformation id F:FFid_F: F \to F that maps each object xx of CC to the identity morphism id F(x)id_{F(x)} in DD.

The identity natural transformations are themselves the identity morphisms for vertical composition of natural transformations in the functor category D CD^C and in the 2-category Cat.

One must be aware that when we say that a natural transformation α A:F(A)G(A)\alpha_{A}:F(A) \rightarrow G(A) is the identity, it doesn’t mean only that F(A)=G(A)F(A)=G(A) for every object AA but also that F(f)=G(f)F(f)=G(f) for every morphism ff ie. that the two functors FF and GG are equal.

Not taking care of this can lead to redundant definitions as for permutative categories.

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