nLab moduli space of connections




A moduli space of connections on bundles over some prescribed space.

Often one considers flat connections only, see at moduli space of flat connections.



If Σ\Sigma is a compact smooth manifold, then the moduli space of flat connections over Σ\Sigma is compact.

Over complex manifolds / complex varieties

Over a complex manifold/complex variety, the Koszul-Malgrange theorem identifies holomorphic flat connections on complex vector bundles with holomorphic vector bundles. This identifies the moduli space of flat connections as a complex manifold with (a non-abelian version of) the first Griffiths intermediate Jacobian. See at intermediate Jacobian – Examples – k=0.

More specifically over a Riemann surface Narasimhan–Seshadri theorem identifies the moduli spaces of flat connections with that of certain complex spaces of stable holomorphic vector bundles. This space appears as the phase space for Chern-Simons theory over that surface. See there for more.

More generally, the Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem similarly gives a Kähler structure on the moduli space of flat connections also over higher dimensional Kähler manifolds (Scheinost-Schottenloher 96, corollary 1.16).


Flat connections over a torus

Let GG be a compact Lie group. Assume either that GG is simply connected or is a torus (what we really need below is that any two commuting elements in GG sit jointly in one maximal torus).

The moduli space of GG flat connections on a 2-dimensional torus AS 1×S 1A \simeq S^1 \times S^1 (e.g. underlying a complex elliptic curve) has the following description:

first, the moduli stack of flat connections is

[Π(A),BG] [B[A,S 1],BG] Hom Grp(×,G)// adG \begin{aligned} [\Pi(A), \mathbf{B}G] & \simeq [B [A, S^1], \mathbf{B}G] \\ & \simeq Hom_{Grp}(\mathbb{Z} \times \mathbb{Z}, G)//_{ad} G \end{aligned}

(see also the discussion at characters and fundamental groups of tori).

Here a single flat connection is just a choice of pair of two commuting elements in GG, and GG acts on that by conjugation. Now any two commuting elements can be taken to sit in a maximal torus TGT \hookrightarrow G, and up to conjugation we can take this to be one fixed maximal torus. This means that the moduli space is actually

π 0(Hom Grp([A,S 1],G)// adG)Hom Grp([A,S 1],T)/W, \pi_0 \left( Hom_{Grp}([A,S^1], G)//_{ad} G \right) \simeq Hom_{Grp}([A, S^1], T)/W \,,

where WW is the Weyl group W=N G(T)/TW = N_G(T)/T.

Moreover, by Pontryagin duality this may be re-expressed as

Hom Grp([T,S 1],A)/W. \cdots \simeq Hom_{Grp}([T,S^1], A)/W \,.

where now [T,S 1][T,S^1] is the character group of the maximal torus.

In this form the moduli space of flat connections appears prominently for instance in the discussion of equivariant elliptic cohomology. But beware that the above interpretation in algebraic geometry is at least more subtle, see (Lurie 15).

moduli spaces


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For more references see at Hitchin connection.

Discussion in algebraic geometry includes

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