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The moduli space of (pseudo)-Riemannian metrics gg on a given space (manifold) XX.


On the site CartSp of smooth Cartesian spaces consider the sheaf

Met:CartSp opSet Met : CartSp^{op} \to Set

which sends each UCartSpU \in CartSp to the set of Riemannian metrics on UU.

Then let XX be a smooth manifold, or more generally a diffeological space, or more generally a Lie groupoid or more generally a smooth ∞-groupoid, all regarded in H=\mathbf{H} = Smooth∞Grpd.


Met(X):=Conc[X,Met] Met(X) := Conc [X,Met]

for the concretification of the internal hom: the space of metrics on XX. (Various variations and extensions of this statement are of interest and can easily be written out. The above direct statement works for possibly degenerate metrics.)

A point in this space is a single (pseudo-)Riemannian metric on XX.

The group Aut(X)Aut(X) of automorphisms of XX acts on this by precomposition in the natural way

Aut(X)×Met(X)Met(X) Aut(X) \times Met(X) \to Met(X)
((XϕX),g)ϕ *g. ((X \stackrel{\phi}{\to} X), g) \mapsto \phi^* g \,.

If XX is a smooth manifold then Aut(X)=Diff(X)Aut(X) = Diff(X) is the group of diffeomorphisms of XX.

The quotient (action groupoid, moduli stack)

Met(X)//Diff(X)SmoothGrpd Met(X)//Diff(X) \in Smooth\infty Grpd

is the moduli space of (pseudo-)Riemannian metrics on XX.

Various variations of this are of interest. For instance there one consider the Einstein-Hilbert action

S:Met(X)//Diff(X). S : Met(X)//Diff(X) \to \mathbb{R} \,.

The critical locus of this function is the moduli space of Einstein metrics.


For XX a smooth manifold, Met(X)Met(X) itself is a contractible space.


In the context of the theory of gravity, the moduli space of pseudo-Riemannian metrics on XX is the configuration space of the field theory of gravity (general relativity). The moduli space of Einstein metrics is then called the covariant phase space: this is the subspace of solutions of the Einstein equations.

moduli spaces


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