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A normed field KK is a normed ring whose underlying ring is a field.

If the product preserves the norm strictly (so that one has a multiplicative norm or absolute value in that for all f,gKf,g \in K we have the equality |fg|=|f||g|{\vert f \cdot g\vert} = {\vert f\vert} \cdot {\vert g\vert} instead of just the inequality |fg||f||g|{\vert f \cdot g\vert} \leq {\vert f\vert} \cdot {\vert g\vert}) then one speaks of a valued field (e.g. Berkovich 09, def. 1.1.1).

If the underlying normed group is a complete topological space then one speaks of a complete normed field.



Relation to algebraic closure

The norm of a non-archimedean field extends uniquely to its algebraic closure and the completion of that with respect to this norm is still algebraically closed (Bosch-Guntzer-Remmert 84, prop., Berkovich 09, fact 1.1.4).

For example the p-adic complex numbers p\mathbb{C}_p arise this way from the p-adic rational numbers p\mathbb{Q}_p.

algebraic structuregroupringfieldvector spacealgebra
(submultiplicative) normnormed groupnormed ringnormed fieldnormed vector spacenormed algebra
multiplicative norm (absolute value/valuation)valued field
completenesscomplete normed groupBanach ringcomplete fieldBanach vector spaceBanach algebra


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