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The integrability of G-structures exists to first order, precisely if a certain torsion obstruction vanishes. This is the first in an infinite tower of tensor invariants in Spencer cohomology associated with a GG-structure that obstruct its integrability (local flatness) (Guillemin 65).

The torsion of a GG-structure is defined to be the space in which the invariant part of the torsion of a Cartan connection takes values, for any Cartan connection compatible with the GG-structure (see at Cartan connection – Examples – G-Structure) (Sternberg 64, from p. 317 on, Guillemin 65, section 4), for review see also (Lott 90, p.10, Joyce 00, section 2.6).

The order kk-torsion of a GG-structure (counting may differ by 1) is an element in a certain Spencer cohomology group (Guillemin 65, prop. 4.2) and is the obstruction to lifting an order-kk-integrable G-structure to order k+1k+1 (Guillemin 65, theorem 4.1).


The concept goes back to the work of Eli Cartan (Cartan geometry).

Textbook accounts include

  • Shlomo Sternberg, section VII of Lectures on differential geometry, Prentice Hall 1964; Russian transl. Mir 1970

Discussion including the higher order obstructions in Spencer cohomology to integrability of G-structures is in

Formalization in homotopy type theory is in

Discussion with an eye towards torsion constraints in supergravity is in

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Discussion with an eye towards special holonomy is in

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Further mentioning of the higher order torsion invariants includes

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Discussion specifically for kinematical groups:

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