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For AA a von Neumann algebra write AA' for its commutant in the ambient algebra B()B(\mathcal{H}) of bounded operators.


A von Neumann algebra AA is called a factor if its center is trivial

Z(A):=AA=1. Z(A) := A \cap A' = \mathbb{C}1 \,.

Equivalently: if AA and its commutant AA' generate the full algebra of bounded operators B()B(\mathcal{H}).


Every von Neumann algebra may be written as a direct integral? over factors. (von Neumann 49)


Type I


Type II


Type III




The original sources are

Lecture notes include

  • V.S. Sunder, von Neumann algebras, II 1II_1-factors, and their subfactors (pdf)

  • Hideki Kosaki, Type III factors and index theory (1993) (pdf)


The mathematics of inclusions of subfactors is giving deep structural insights. See also at planar algebra.

  • Vaughan Jones,

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Relation to quantum field theory

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