moduli space of bundles

Moduli spaces and moduli stacks of vector bundles and of principal GG-bundles for a complex algebraic group GG have been widely studied in geometry, with many deep results. In a classical work of Grothendieck presented in FGA (see FGA explained), moduli schemes of coherent sheaves with certain parameters fixed, so called Quot schemes. Later the geometric invariant theory defined other class of moduli spaces of bundles. Especially important is the case of moduli space of stable bundles on a Riemann surface which is extremely important for mathematical physics (self-dual solutions of Yang-Mills equations; study of spaces of conformal blocks; representation theory of affine Lie algebras and loop groups; integrable systems, esp. Hitchin system etc.).

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  • References for moduli spaces of bundles over singular curves are discussed at MathOverflow here

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