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Higher algebra



An E E_\infty-operad is a topological operad that is a homotopy theoretic resolution of Comm, the operad for commutative monoids: an algebra over an operad over an E E_\infty-operad is an E-∞ algebra.


The definition of E E_\infty-operads depends a bit on which presentation of the (∞,1)-category of (∞,1)-operads one uses:


For every E E_\infty-operad PP, all the spaces P nP_n are contractible.

In fact, every topological operad PP for which P n*P_n \simeq * for all nn \in \mathbb{N} is weakly equivalent to Comm: because Comm n=*Comm_n = * there is a unique morphism of operads (necessarily respecting the action of the symmetric group)

PComm P \to Comm

and for each nn this is by assumption a weak homotopy equivalence

P nComm n=* P_n \to Comm_n = *

of topological spaces.

The only extra condition on an operad PP with contractible operation spaces to be E E_\infty is that it is in addition cofibrant . This imposes the condition that the action of the symmetric group Σ n×P nP n\Sigma_n \times P_n \to P_n in each degree is free .


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