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Selected writings

Selected writings

On vortex\;anyons:

On topological quantum computation:

On quantum error correction for fault-tolerant/reliable quantum computation:

and via adiabatic quantum computation:

On entanglement entropy as an indicator of topological phases of matter:

On quantum computation:

Introducing the HaPPY code tensor network for discussion of holographic entanglement entropy and quantum error correction:


Highlighting the role of quantum entanglement in quantum computation and quantum supremacy (and introducing that term):

  • John Preskill: Quantum computing and the entanglement frontier: pp. 63-80 in: The Theory of the Quantum World – Proceedings of the 25th Solvay Conference on Physics, World Scientific (2013) [arXiv:1203.5813, doi:10.1142/8674, slides: pdf]

More on quantum error correcting codes via holographic tensor networks:

On noisy intermediate-scale quantum computing:

On the state of quantum information and quantum computation:

  • John Preskill, The Physics of Quantum Information, talk at

    The Physics of Quantum Information, 28th Solvay Conference on Physics (2022) [arXiv:2208.08064[

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