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By “quantum simulation” one broadly means the simulation of quantum systems. The term is used in two rather different ways:

  1. Without further qualification, “quantum simulation” typically refers to the simulation of (complicated) quantum systems appearing in nature, such as (large) molecules, by other (more controllable) quantum systems, notably by quantum computers (cf. quantum chemistry).

  2. Classical quantum simulation refers to the simulation of quantum computers themselves by classical computers, such as for testing (verifying) quantum circuit-designs and more generally for testing quantum programs and quantum computing-architectures.


Quantum simulation by quantum systems

General discussion:

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On quantum simulation of (lattice) quantum field theory:

specifically of scattering amplitudes of bound states:

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Quantum simulation by classical systems

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  • Kieran Young, Marcus Scese, Ali Ebnenasir, Simulating Quantum Computations on Classical Machines: A Survey [arXiv:2311.16505]

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