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  • May, Sigurdsson, Parametrized Homotopy Theory, MAS Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, vol. 132, 2006 (webpage, pdf)

on parameterized stable homotopy theory, hence on stable homotopy theory in slice (infinity,1)-toposes Top/X/X for given topological base spaces XX: the homotopy theory of ex-spaces and parametrized spectra.

A survey is in the slides

One application is twisted cohomology: instead of cocycles given by maps XAX \to A, twisted cocycles are given by sections XPX \to P of a bundle PXP \to X of spectra over XX.

A discussion of some of these issues using tools from (infinity,1)-category theory are in

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A general abstract context for parameterized spectra are tangent (infinity,1)-toposes.

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