Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose is a mathematical physicist at University of Oxford.

He made fundamental contributions to the study of mathematical general relativity, such as the Penrose-Hawking theorem and the discovery of the twistor space description of spacetime geometry.

Later Penrose became interested in what are typically regarded as more philosophical questions regarding the interplay of mathematics, physics with the human mind?.

logic physics mind \array{ && logic \\ & \swarrow && \nwarrow \\ physics &&\longrightarrow && mind }

(Penrose 94, section 8.7)

Penrose (controversially) argued that quantum gravity effects on decoherence of quantum superposition causes physics to be non-computable and serves to explain aspects of the human mind? such as consciousness?. This latter aspect he is more recently developing in more concrete detail in quantum biology (see there for more) with Stuart Hameroff.

some publications

  • Roger Penrose, Shadows of the mind (Oxford University Press, New York, 1994),
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