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An arithmetic pretopos is a pretopos CC with a parameterized natural numbers object. A list-arithmetic pretopos is a pretopos with all parameterized list objects (Maietti 10, 2.6).

Using the (equivalent) definition given in Cockett 1990, a parameterized list object is a W-type for the polynomial functor B+A×():CCB+ A\times(-)\colon C\to C. This definition makes sense since a pretopos has finite products and disjoint coproducts (here denoted “++”).

Discussion via its internal language, which is a dependent type theory… (Maietti 05, Maietti 10, p.6).

Maietti (05,10) proposed that list-arithmetic pretoposes serve as the arithmetic universes that André Joyal (cf. Joyal 05) once suggested to use for discussion of incompleteness theorems (cf. van Dijk/Oldenziel 2020); they are used directly as the definition of arithmetic universes e.g. in (Maietti-Vickers 2012).


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