nLab hyperbolic solid torus




The solid torus of dimension 3 admits various structures of a hyperbolic 3-manifold. Equipped with any such it is called a hyperbolic solid torus.


Knot complement

The solid torus is homeomorphic to the knot complement of the unknot in the 3-sphere.

Infinite volume

The volume of the hyperbolic solid torus is not finite. Therefore this hyperbolic 3-manifold knot complement does not count as a “knot complement with hyperbolic structure” in the sense of Thurston‘s classification of 3-manifolds? (see also this MO discussion).

As Euclidean BTZ black hole and thermal AdS 3AdS_3

The Euclidean BTZ black hole as well as thermal AdS3 is a hyperbolic 3-manifold homeomorphic to (the interior of) the hyperbolic solid torus, hence to the knot complement of the unknot in the 3-sphere.

(e.g Gukov 03, appendix A, Kraus 06, around Fig. 1, BKR 07, 2.1)




As BTZ black hole and thermal AdS 3AdS_3

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