nLab norm map




In representation theory a norm map is a canonical morphism from coinvariants to invariants of a given action which, in suitably well behaved cases is given by group averaging.

(e.g Lurie, constructions,,

For ∞-actions of finite groups GG on objects EE in stable (∞,1)-categories, then the homotopy cofiber X tGX^{t G} of the norm map is called the Tate construction, sitting in a homotopy fiber sequence

X GX GX tG. X_G \longrightarrow X^G \longrightarrow X^{t G} \,.

(e.g Lurie, def.

For the stable (∞,1)-category of spectra this is accordingly called the Tate spectrum.


The general abstract construction is due to

Review with an eye towards discussion of topological cyclic homology is in section I.1 of

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