For any category AA, the category of endofunctors End(A)End(A) is monoidal with respect to the (horizontal) composition (the composition of functors and the Godement product for natural transformations).

Given a monoidal category (C,,1,l,r,a)(C,\otimes,1,l,r,a) a (left or right) CC-actegory is a category AA together with a (left or right) coherent action of CC on AA. Depending on an author and context, the left coherent action of CC on AA is a morphism of monoidal categories CEnd(A)C\to End(A) in the lax, colax, pseudo or strict sense (most often in pseudo-sense) or, in another terminology, a monoidal, comonoidal, strong monoidal or strict monoidal functor. Right coherent actions correspond to the monoidal functors into the category End(A)End(A) with the opposite tensor product.

CC-actegories, colax CC-equivariant functors and natural transformations of colax CC-equivariant functors form a strict 2-category CAct c_C Act^c. A monad in CAct c_C Act^c amounts to a pair of a monad in CatCat and a distributive law between the monad and an action of CC.

The notion of CC-action (hence a CC-actegory) is easily extendable to bicategories (see Baković‘s thesis).

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If an actegory is like a module, then a biactegory is like a bimodule.

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