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A normed algebra AA over a field kk of real or complex numbers is a normed vector space equipped with an associative algebra structure, such that the algebra multiplication is continuous with respect to the norm, i.e. such that there is a positive real number C>0C\gt 0 such that

|ab|C|a||b| {\vert a b \vert} \;\leq\; C {\vert a \vert} {\vert b \vert}

for all a,bAa,b\in A. One can rescale the norm to another norm to get C=1C = 1 (absolute value). A normed algebra whose underlying normed space is complete is called a Banach algebra.

A normed algebra with C=1C = 1 is equivalently a normed division algebra. See there for more.

algebraic structuregroupringfieldvector spacealgebra
(submultiplicative) normnormed groupnormed ringnormed fieldnormed vector spacenormed algebra
multiplicative norm (absolute value/valuation)valued field
completenesscomplete normed groupBanach ringcomplete fieldBanach vector spaceBanach algebra


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