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Provability logic studies the properties of a formal provability predicate F\Box F interpreted as ‘F is provable’. This gives rise to modal logics kindred to K4 and its variations.

For the best known of these systems, the Gödel-Löb logic of provability GLGL, topological interpretations have been pioneered by H. Simmons and L. Esakia in the 1970s.

GL in Hilbert-style

The language of GLGL has propositional variables p 0,p 1,p_0,p_1,\dots and logical connectives \to, \bot, \top and one unary modality \Box. Besides all tautologies of classical propositional logic, GL has the following axiom schemes:

  • (φψ)(φψ)\Box (\varphi\to\psi) \to (\Box\varphi\to\Box\psi) . (Normality)

  • (φφ)φ\Box (\Box \varphi\to \varphi)\to \Box\varphi . (Löb's axiom)

with inference rules

  • φ,φψ ψ\array{ \arrayopts{\rowlines{solid}} \varphi ,\quad\varphi\to\psi\\ \psi } (Modus ponens)

  • φ φ\array{ \arrayopts{\rowlines{solid}} \varphi\\ \Box\varphi } (Necessitation)

GLGL proves the transitivity rule φφ\Box\varphi\to\Box\Box\varphi but not the reflexivity rule φφ\Box\varphi\to\varphi whence it is an extension of K4K4 but not of S4S4.


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