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In the context of nuclear physics, by the sign problem in lattice quantum chromodynamics is is meant the issue that


  • in many situations, notably at finite chemical potential, the would-be probability measure turns out not to be positive definite, and in fact typically turns out to be complex,

  • which means that various numerical evaluation methods fail.

The sign problem is one of the reasons that lattice QCD fails to be a fully satisfactory construction of non-perturbative QCD even for practical purposes. For instance, much of the phase diagram of QCD remains unknown (e.g. de Forcrand 13 CQF21), since the sign problem prevents lattice QCD computations at “almost all points” in phase space (Hsu-Reeb 08).



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Detailed review:

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See also:

Proposal using quantum computation:

  • Zohreh Davoudi, Niklas Mueller, Connor Powers, Toward Quantum Computing Phase Diagrams of Gauge Theories with Thermal Pure Quantum States [arXiv:2208.13112]

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