simplicial loop space




Under the identification of homotopy types of topological spaces with simplicial sets/Kan complexes (see at homotopy hypothesis) there is a standard construction (Kan 58) traditionally denoted GG, for the loop space ΩX\Omega X of a connected topological space as a simplicial group. It is the left adjoint in an adjunction

(GW¯):sSet 0W¯GsGrp (G \dashv \overline{W}) \;\colon\; sSet_0 \underoverset {\underset{\overline{W}}{\longleftarrow}} {\overset{G}{\longrightarrow}} {\bot} sGrp

between reduced simplicial sets and simplicial groups, whose right adjoint is the simplicial classifying space construction.

The generalization of this construction to non-reduced simplicial sets and simplicial groupoids is the Dwyer-Kan loop groupoid functor.


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More details and relation to décalage:

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