nLab topology -- references



Historical origins

The general idea of topology goes back to:

The notion of topological space involving neighbourhoods was first developed, for the special case now known as Hausdorff spaces, in:

The more general definition – dropping Hausdorff’s T 2T_2-separation axiom and formulated in terms of closure operators that preserve finite unions – is due to:

The modern formulation via open set was widely popularized by:

  • Nicolas Bourbaki], Eléments de mathématique II. Première partie. Les structures fondamentales de l’analyse. Livre III. Topologie générale. Chapitre I. Structures topologiques. Actualités scientifiques et industrielles, vol. 858. Hermann, Paris (1940)

    General topology, Elements of Mathematics III, Springer (1971, 1990, 1995) [doi:10.1007/978-3-642-61701-0]


Further textbook accounts:

and leading over to homotopy theory:

On counterexamples in topology:

With emphasis on category theoretic aspects of general topology, notably on T nT_n-reflections:

See also:

and see further references at algebraic topology.

Lecture notes:

Basic topology set up in intuitionistic mathematics is discussed in

See also:

  • Topospaces, a Wiki with basic material on topology.

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