Schreiber Flux Quantization on 11d Superspace

An article that we are finalizing at CQTS:

on flux quantization the C-field in D=11 N=1 supergravity on “superspace”.


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Abstract. Flux-quantization of the C-field in 11d supergravity is arguably necessary for the (UV-)completion of the theory, in that it determines the torsion charges carried by small numbers NN \ll \infty of M-branes. However, hypotheses about C-field flux quantization (“models of the C-field”) have previously been discussed only in the bosonic sector of 11d supergravity and ignoring the supergravity equations of motion. Here we highlight a duality-symmetric formulation of on-shell 11d supergravity on superspace, observe that this naturally lends itself to completion of the theory by flux quantization, and indeed that 11d super-spacetimes are put on-shell by carrying quantizable duality-symmetric super-C-field flux; the proof of which we present in detail.

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