Schreiber cyclic loop spaces 2022

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Abstract. One may observe [CMP 371 (2019)] that the construction of cyclified (“twisted”) free loop spaces, when regarded in higher topos theory, turns out to be nothing but the “right base change” to the context of the moduli stack of the circle. This fundamental fact implies at once good formal properties, and lifts the construction to all kinds of higher generalized geometries, such as to orbifolds – where we claim it reproduces Z. Huan's inertia construction –, and to super-rational homotopy types – where we showed that it witnesses the rules of topological T-duality acting on the super D-brane charges. I explain how these cyclified loop stack adjunctions formalize exactly what physicists mean by “double dimensional reduction” in its effect on brane charges/fluxes; and I close with an outlook on using these insights to define T-folds in the generality of twisted equivariant differential (TED) KR-theory.

This is joint work with Hisham Sati.

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