Schreiber Gauge enhancement of Super M-Branes

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A key open problem in M-theory is the mechanism of “gauge enhancement”, which supposedly makes M-branes exhibit the nonabelian gauge degrees of freedom that are seen perturbatively in the limit of 10d string theory. In fact, since only the twisted K-theory classes represented by nonabelian Chan-Paton gauge fields on D-branes have invariant meaning, the problem is really the lift to M-theory of the twisted K-theory classification of D-brane charges.

Here we show how this problem has a solution by universal constructions in super homotopy theory, at least rationally. We recall how double dimensional reduction of super M-brane charges is described by the cyclification adjunction applied to the 4-sphere, and how M-theory degrees of freedom hidden at ADE-singularities are induced by the suspended Hopf action on the 4-sphere. Combining these, we demonstrate, at the level of rational homotopy theory, that gauge enhancement in M-theory is exhibited by lifting against the fiberwise stabilization of the unit of this cyclification adjunction on the A-type orbispace of the 4-sphere.

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