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Selected writings

Selected writings

On geometric engineering of quantum field theory:

On gravity in Randall-Sundrum models:

On AdS/CFT as open/closed string duality and early discussion of the concept of probe branes in AdS/CFT:

Introducing the concept of flavor branes for geometric engineering of flavour physics in intersecting D-brane models (AdS/QCD):

On confinement via AdS-QCD:

On Seiberg duality for gauge groups which are exceptional Lie groups:

On M-theory on S1/G_HW times H/G_ADE:

On mirror symmetry:

On NS5-branes and orientifolds with RR-field tadpole cancellation:

On AdS-CFT in condensed matter physics:

Andreas Karch writes here:

These anomalous transport coefficients have first been calculated in AdS/CFT. The relevant references are [8], [9] and [10] in the Son/Surowka paper. In the AdS/CFT calculations these particular transport coefficients only arise due to Chern-Simons terms, which are the bulk manifestation of the field theory anomalies. At that point it was obvious to many of us that there should be a purely field theory based calculation, only using anomalies, that can derive these terms. Son and Surowka knew about this. They were sitting next door to me when they started these calculations. Many of us tried to find these purely field theory based arguments and failed. Son and Surowka succeeded.

If you ask anyone serious about applying AdS/CFT to strongly coupled field theories why they are doing this, they would (hopefully) give you an answer along the lines of “AdS/CFT provides us with toy models of strongly coupled dynamics. While the field theories that have classical AdS duals are rather special, we can still learn important qualitative insights and find new ways to think about strongly coupled field theories.” Once AdS/CFT stumbles on a new phenomenon in these solvable toy models, we want to go back to see whether we can understand it without the crutch of having to rely on AdS/CFT. Any result that only applies in theories with holographic dual is somewhat limited in its applications. In this sense, anomalous transport is a poster child for what AdS/CFT can be used for: a new phenomenon that had been missed completely by people studying field theory gets uncovered by studying these toy models. Once we knew what to look for, a purely field theoretic argument was found that made the AdS/CFT derivation obsolete.

This is applied AdS/CFT as it should be. Solvable examples exhibit new connections which then can be proven to be correct more generally and are not limited to the toy models that were used to uncover them.

On the K-theory classification of topological phases of matter translating under AdS/CFT duality in solid state physics to the K-theory classification of D-brane charge in string theory, allowing a dual description of the topological phases even at strong coupling via AdS/CFT duality:

Argument that “islands” can resolve the black hole information paradox only for massive gravity:

and on what to do about it:

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