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By embedding quantum field theories into string theory – typically as the worldvolume theories of various branes, e.g. super Yang-Mills theory on D-branes, 6d (2,0)-superconformal QFT on M5-branes, or else at O-planes – the various dualities of string theory will relate different QFTs in way that are typically far from obvious from just looking at these QFTs themselves.

The investigation specifically of N=2 D=4 super Yang-Mills theory and N=1 D=4 super Yang-Mills theory in this fashion has come to be known as geometric engineering of quantum field theory (Katz-Klemm-Vafa 97, Katz-Klemm 96 ).

For more relations between QFTs found via string theory see at string theory results applied elsewhere.


The original articles are

Reviews include

  • Andreas Karch, Field Theory Dynamics from Branes in String Theory, PhD thesis (1998) pdf

  • David Morrison, Limitations of Geometric Engineering: Implications for Model Building, talk (2008) pdf slides

Further developments are in

  • Balázs Szendrői, Nekrasov’s Partition Function and Refined Donaldson–Thomas Theory: the Rank One Case, SIGMA, 2012, Volume 8, 088 (web)

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