Branislav Jurco

Selected writings

Branislav Jurčo is a Czech mathematical physicist (group theory, quantum groups, noncommutative gauge theories, integrable systems, nonabelian cocycles in string theory) and category theorist (gerbes, classifying 2-spaces and topoi, higher gauge theories, twisted K-theory), born in former Czechoslovak Republik.

Selected writings

On fiber bundles (principal bundles, vector bundles), topological K-theory applications to D-branes:

On quantum optics:

On the Yang-Baxter equation and integrable systems:

  • Branislav Jurčo, Classical Yang-Baxter equations and quantum integrable systems (Gaudin models), pp. 1616-6361 in Springer Lect. Notes in Physics 370 (1990) doi

On classifying toposes

On string field theory:

  • Branislav Jurčo, Korbinian Muenster, Type II superstring field theory: geometric approach and operadic description, JHEP 1304:126 (2013) arXiv/1303.2323 doi

On Riemannian geometry on Courant algebroids and relation to supergravity equations of motion:

In higher structures in M-theory:

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