nLab David Berman

David Berman is professor in theoretical physics at Queen Mary University of London.

Selected writings

On boundary conditions for interacting M2-branes in regarding through the ABJM model:

On U-duality and diffeomorphisms in exceptional generalized geometry:

A review of exceptional field theory:

On the formulation of strings and black branes of supergravity (crucially including the exotic branes) respectively as pp-waves and monopoles in double field theory/exceptional field theory:

About the formulation string theory/M-theory in terms of generalized geometry:

About the global geometry of double field theory/exceptional field theory:

About Ehlers transformation being the double copy of S-duality in classical double copy:

On the classical double copy for D=11 supergravity:

  • David Berman, Kwangeon Kim, Kanghoon Lee, The Classical Double Copy for M-theory from a Kerr-Schild Ansatz for Exceptional Field Theory (arXiv:2010.08255)
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