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Selected writings

Selected writings

On supergravity:

On the super-embedding approach to super p-brane sigma models:

and specifically on the case of the M5-brane:

Amplification that the resulting higher gauge field on the M5-brane is not naively self-dual:

On D=14 supersymmetry:

On the M2-brane via the superembedding approach:

On deriving the equations of motion for the M5-brane via superspace-methods:

and specifically via the superembedding approach:

On boundary conditions for interacting M2-branes in regarding through the ABJM model:

Introducing a class of Lagrangian densities for D=6 N=(1,0) SCFTs with non-abelian gauge group has been proposed in

reviewed in

On Freund-Rubin compactifications in 11d supergravity:

On E11-exceptional field theory:

On higher curvature corrections in heterotic supergravity:

On supergravity:

On higher curvature corrections in supergravity:

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