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algebraic quantum field theory (perturbative, on curved spacetimes, homotopical)



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In BV-BRST formalism the antibracket is a canonical product operation on an associative algebra generated by fields and antifields. If antifields are regarded as vector fields on the space of fields, then the antibracket is just the (graded) Schouten bracket.

There are different incarnations of the antibracket associated with different incarnations of the algebra of fields/antifields:

Applied to horizontal differential forms on the jet bundle of the field bundle this refines to the local antibracket.

By transgression of variational differential forms this yields the (“global”) antibracket on polynomial observables of a Lagrangian field theory.

For details see at A first idea of quantum field theory the chapter Reduced phase space for the antibracket before quantization, and the chapter Free quantum fields for the (time-ordered) antibracket after quantization.

The global antibracket is closely related to the BV-operator. See there fore more.


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