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Categories with duals


A category with duals is a category where objects and/or morphisms have duals. This exists in several flavours; this list is mostly taken from a recent categories list post from Peter Selinger.

Categories with duals for objects

Categories with duals for morphisms

One might write something about these too, or put them on a separate page. In the meantime, see the table of contents to the right.

There at least two commonspread kinds of categories with duals for morphisms:

  • dagger categories where each morphism f:XYf:X \to Y has a \dagger-dual f :YXf^\dagger : Y \to X, without any extra property.
  • groupoids, where each morphism f:XYf:X \to Y has an inverse f 1:YXf^{-1} :Y \to X defined by the properties ff 1=1 Yf f^{-1} = 1_Y, f 1f=1 Xf^{-1}f = 1_X.

Moreover, every category enriched in one of the kind of categories listed above will have a notion of ‘dual’ for its morphisms.


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