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The notion of enriched monoidal categories is a compatible combination of the notions of enriched categories and monoidal categories. The main point is that the tensor product-functor on the underlying monoidal category is properly an enriched functor with respect to the underlying enriched category.

Special cases include tensor categories, which are (Vect, \otimes )-enriched monoidal categories.


The monoidal 2-category of enriched categories

For VV a symmetric monoidal cosmos, the 2-category VCat of VV-enriched categories becomes a monoidal 2-category by declaring the tensor product CD\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D} of a pair C\mathbf{C}, D\mathbf{D} of VV-enriched categories to have

  • as set of objects the cartesian product of the given sets of objects:

    Obj(CD)Obj(C)×Obj(D) Obj(\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D}) \;\coloneqq\; Obj(\mathbf{C}) \times Obj(\mathbf{D})
  • as hom-objects the tensor product in VV between the given hom-objects:

    (CD)((c,d),(c,d))C(c,c)D(d,d). (\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D})\big((c,d), (c',d')\big) \;\coloneqq\; \mathbf{C}(c,c') \otimes \mathbf{D}(d,d') \,.
  • composition obtained by the given composition operations, after using the braiding in VV to align factors:

    (CD)((c,d),(c,d))(CD)((c,d),(c,d)) CD (CD)((c,d),(c,d)) C(c,c)D(d,d)C(c,c)D(d,d)braidC(c,c)C(c,c)D(d,d)D(d,d) C D C(c,c)D(d,d) \array{ (\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D}) \big((c',d'), (c'', d'')\big) \otimes (\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D}) \big((c,d), (c',d')\big) &\overset {\circ_{\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D}}}{ \longrightarrow } & (\mathbf{C} \otimes \mathbf{D}) \big((c,d), (c'',d'')\big) \\ \mathllap{{}^\simeq}\Big\downarrow \phantom{---------} && \Big\uparrow\mathrlap{{}^{\simeq}} \\ \mathbf{C}(c',c'') \otimes \mathbf{D}(d',d'') \otimes \mathbf{C}(c,c') \otimes \mathbf{D}(d,d') \underoverset {braid} {\sim} {\to} \mathbf{C}(c',c'') \otimes \mathbf{C}(c,c') \otimes \mathbf{D}(d',d'') \otimes \mathbf{D}(d,d') &\overset{ \circ_{\mathbf{C}} \otimes \circ_{\mathbf{D}} }{\longrightarrow}& \mathbf{C}(c,c'') \otimes \mathbf{D}(d,d'') }

Enriched monoidal categories

A VV-enriched monoidal category C\mathbf{C} is a pseudomonoid internal to the above monoidal 2-category VCatV Cat.

This means mainly that

  • C\mathbf{C} is a VV-enriched category

  • whose underlying category CC is equipped with monoidal category-structure, hence with a tensor product-functor

    :C×CC \otimes \,\colon\, C \times C \longrightarrow C
  • which is compatibly lifted for each pair of pairs of objects of CC to a morphisms on hom-objects in VV:

    C((c,d),(c,c)):C(c,c)C(d,d)C(c Cd,c Cd) \otimes_{\mathbf{C}}\big( (c,d),\, (c',c') \big) \,\colon\, \mathbf{C}(c,c') \otimes \mathbf{C}(d,d') \longrightarrow \mathbf{C}(c \otimes_C d ,\, c' \otimes_C d')

in a compatible way.




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