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A braided monoidal (weak) 2-category is a monoidal 2-category with a categorified version of a braiding.

That is, it is a 2-category CC equipped with a tensor product :C×CC\otimes : C \times C \to C 2-functor which satisfies the first in a hierarchy of conditions for being commutative up to equivalence. In the language of k-tuply monoidal n-categories, a braided monoidal 2-category is a doubly monoidal 2-category. As described there, this may be identified with a pointed 4-category with a single object and a single 1-morphism. We can also say that it is a monoidal 2-category whose E1-algebra structure is refined to an E2-algebra structure.


Coherence theorem

Picard 2-groupoid

The Picard 2-groupoid of a braided monoidal 2-category is a braided 3-group.


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