nLab higher curvature corrections to D=11 supergravity -- references

Higher curvature corrections to supergravity

Higher curvature corrections to D=11D=11 supergravity

Discussion of higher curvature corrections to 11-dimensional supergravity (i.e. in M-theory):

Via 11d superspace cohomology

Via 11d superspace-cohomology (or mostly):

Via superparticle scattering in 11d

Via analysis of would-be superparticle scattering amplitudes on D=11 supergravity backgrounds:

Via lifting 10d stringy corrections

From lifting alpha'-corrections in type IIA string theory through the duality between M-theory and type IIA string theory:

Via type IIB supergravity:

Via the ABJM M2-brane model

From the ABJM model for the M2-brane:

See also

See also

Discussion in view of the Starobinsky model of cosmic inflation is in

and in view of de Sitter spacetime vacua:

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