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A group corresponding to a Kac-Moody algebra is a Kac-Moody group.

This subsumes the case of affine Lie algebras in which case the corresponding Kac-Moody group is a centrally extended loop group (see there for more) and often the words “Kac-Moody group” are used synonomously with “centrally extended loop group”.


Classifying spaces

For GG a topological group, write BGB G for its delooping, the classifying space for topological GG-principal bundles.


The classifying space BGB G of every Kac-Moody group is a homotopy colimit over classifying spaces BG iB G_i, iIi \in I of compact connected Lie groups G iG_i:

BGhocolim iBG i B G \simeq hocolim_i B G_i

in Top \simeq ∞Grpd.

Moreover, the diagram II may be taken to be a sieve in the poset of subobjects of the nn-element set, for some n𝔹n \in \mathbb{B}.

This is due to Nitu Kitchloo, 1998, see for instance Kitchloo’s survey, p. 9.


This means that the classifying space of every Kac-Moody group has a smooth refinement to a smooth moduli stack given by forming

BGhocolim iBG i \mathbf{B}G \coloneqq hocolim_i \mathbf{B}G_i

in Smooth∞Grpd.

Kay moody groups appear as U-duality groups in 11-dimensional supergravity compactified to low dimensions.


A standard textbook is

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A survey is

  • Nitu Kitchloo, Kac-Moody groups over the last decade (pdf)

Original articles include

  • Nitu Kitchloo, On the Topology of Kac-Moody groups (arXiv), (Phd thesis)

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