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Paul Howe is emeritus professor in theoretical physics at King’s College London-

Selected writings

Making manifest the local worldsheet supersymmetry of the spinning string (via the supersymmetric Polyakov action):

On spinning particles and their worldline supersymmetry:

Formulation of D=11 supergravity in superspace (via supergeometry):

On Landau-Ginzburg models in the sense of string theory (sigma models with certain potentials):

  • Paul Howe, Peter West, Landau-Ginzburg Hamiltonians, string theory and critical phenomena, in: Proceedings of 25th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Singapore, August 2-8, 1990 [inspire:301119, pdf]

On obtaining massive type IIA supergravity from a form o D=11 supergravity:

On the 3-brane in 6d as a black brane in an M5-brane/NS5-brane worldvolume

and of its relation to D=4 N=2 super Yang-Mills theory:

On the fundamental M5-brane Green-Schwarz sigma-model:

On how the torsion constraints in supergravity for 11-dimensional supergravity already imply the equations of motion:

On the self-dual string and Dp-D(p+2) brane intersections (such as D1-D3 brane intersections) as spikes/BIons from the M5-brane:

Discussion of D=4 N=4 SYM with emphasis on multi-trace operators:

On the M2-brane via the superembedding approach:

On deriving the equations of motion for the M5-brane via superspace-methods:

and specifically via the superembedding approach:

On tensor hierarchies in gauged supergravity:

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