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Produoidal category


A produoidal category is like a duoidal category in whose structure (namely, the two tensor products and unit objects) we have replaced functors by profunctors. Alternatively, a produoidal category is a category with two promonoidal structures which interchange laxly.


A produoidal category is a pair of pseudomonoids that interchange laxly in the monoidal bicategory Prof. This means that it is a category \mathbb{C} together with

  • a first promonoidal structure :×\mathbb{C}_{\otimes} \colon \mathbb{C} \times \mathbb{C} ⇸ \mathbb{C} and I:1\mathbb{C}_{I}\colon 1 ⇸ \mathbb{C};
  • a second promonoidal structure :×\mathbb{C}_{\triangleleft} \colon \mathbb{C} \times \mathbb{C} ⇸ \mathbb{C} and N:1\mathbb{C}_{N}\colon 1 ⇸ \mathbb{C};
  • the same laxators as a duoidal category, including, for instance,
    U,V (X;U,V)× (U;A,B)× (V;C,D) P,Q (X;P,Q)× (P;A,C)× (Q;B,D);\begin{aligned} & \int^{U,V}\mathbb{C}_{\otimes}(X;U,V) \times \mathbb{C}_{\triangleleft}(U;A,B) \times \mathbb{C}_{\triangleleft}(V;C,D) \to \int^{P,Q}\mathbb{C}_{\triangleleft}(X;P,Q) \times \mathbb{C}_{\otimes}(P;A,C) \times \mathbb{C}_{\otimes}(Q;B,D); \end{aligned}
  • the same coherence conditions as a duoidal category.


  • Optics over a monoidal category form a produoidal category. EHR23


The first mention of produoidal categories as a duoidale seems to be:

  • Thomas Booker?, Ross Street. Tannaka duality and convolution for duoidal categories, (link).

An explicit unpacking of the definition, along with examples including the category of optics appears in

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