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The property (sup)


The property (sup) is an optional property of an abelian category, introduced in (Gabriel).


An abelian category has property (sup) if:

Definition (sup)

For any ascending chain Ω\Omega of subobjects of a fixed object MM, the supremum of Ω\Omega exists; and, for any subobject LML\hookrightarrow M, the canonical morphism

sup{LP|PΩ}(supΩ)L sup\{L\cap P | P\in \Omega\}\to (sup \Omega) \cap L

is an isomorphism.


Gabriel’s property (sup) is satisfied by any Grothendieck category (in some expositions it is listed as a part of the definition), e.g. the category of all modules over a fixed ring RR, and the category of sheaves of abelian groups on a fixed topological space XX.

According to the Appendix B of the Thomason–Trobaugh contribution to Grothendieck Festschrift, it is not known whether the category Qcoh YQcoh_Y of quasicoherent sheaves over an arbitrary scheme YY is a Grothendieck category (although this is known for a large class), but it is an elementary fact that it does satisfy Gabriel’s property (sup). If an abelian category is noetherian it clearly satisfies the property (sup).


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