nLab semiadditive dagger category




A semiadditive dagger category is a cocartesian monoidal dagger category (C,,0,i A,i B,0 A)(C, \oplus, 0, i_A, i_B, 0_A) such that

  • for all objects AOb(C)A \in Ob(C), i A i A=id Ai_A^\dagger \circ i_A = id_A and i A i A=id Ai_A^\dagger \circ i_A = id_A
  • for all objects AOb(C)A \in Ob(C) and BOb(C)B \in Ob(C), i B i A=0 B0 A i_B^\dagger \circ i_A = 0_B \circ 0_A^\dagger

In a semiadditive dagger category, the coproduct is called a biproduct and the initial object is called a zero object.


See also


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