Schreiber Equivariant Super Homotopy Theory

a talk that I gave:


Abstract. Adding systems of adjoint modal operators to
\;\phantom{\sim}homotopy-type theory
\;\simhomotopy type-theory
makes it an elegant and powerful formal language
for reasoning about higher geometry,
specifically (and incrementally) for:

higher geometrymodal homotopy theory
differential topology,
differential cohomology
higher differential geometry,
higher Cartan geometry
higher supergeometrysolid
orbifold cohomologyequivariant

The first two of these stages are discussed in other talks at this meeting (see in particular thesis Wellen)

In this talk I will:

  1. describe higher supergeometry as intended categorical semantics for the full system of modalitites;

  2. mention interesting theorems that should lend themselves to formalization in type theory;

  3. indicate motivation from and application to the unofficial Millennium Problem of formulating M-theory (“Hypothesis H”, joint with Hisham Sati and Domenico Fiorenza).


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