Schreiber StringMath2017

A talk that I have given:


\; Urs Schreiber (CAS Prague & HCM Bonn)

\; Super pp-Brane Theory emerging

\; from Super Homotopy Theory

\; talk at String Math 2017, Hamburg \;\;\; (slides, expo, video, YT)


Abstract. It is a notorious open problem to determine the nature of the non-pertubative theory formerly known as Strings. I present results showing that, rationally, many of its phenomena emerge as stages of a Whitehead tower, invariant modulo R-symmetry, that emerges out of the superpoint regarded in super-geometric rational homotopy theory:

This includes super-spacetime as such, the bouquet of all Green-Schwarz super p-branes, D-brane charge in twisted K-theory, M-brane charge, double dimensional reduction, T-duality, Buscher rules for RR-fields, doubled spacetimes, F-theory fibrations, S-duality. The orbifold S 4/S 1S^4/S^1 (familiar from the near horizon geometry of M5-branes at A-type singularities) appears in a surprising unifying role.

These results (arXiv:1611.06536, arXiv:1702.01774 and arXiv:1806.01115) are joint with Hisham Sati and Vincent Braunack-Mayer, John Huerta, Domenico Fiorenza, see below.


For comprehensive review see:

This anlysis in super-rational homotopy theory led to a hypothesis about its non-rational completion, see at

for more on this.

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