Schreiber Higher theta functions and higher CS-WZW holography

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This is a research project, which I had laid out in 2014. I developed this into an application for an EPSRC grant. The reports (pdf) had been outstanding (“truly the mathematics of the 21st century [[]] we really need more applicants of this calibre in this country”) but at the interview apparently I didn’t give a satisfactory answer to the question “But why then did you apply with this at University of Surrey?”, despite my argument that their then newly established group “Fields, Strings and Geometry” seemed to be just right for this kind of research. Unfortunatly, the mind-numbing process of these grant proposals reduced my initial enthusiasm for the actual research. But once I have recovered, I may come back to this at some point:

  • Urs Schreiber

    Higher theta functions and higher CS-WZW holography

    a research program (Sept 2014)

    exposition: pdf

    technical details: pdf

    referee report: pdf

    presentation slides: pdf




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