nLab Chern-Simons theory as topological string theory




Under mapping the Feynman diagrams of perturbative Chern-Simons theory on a 3-manifold X 3X^3 via 't Hooft double line notation to open string worldsheets, its quantum observables (Wilson loop Vassiliev knot invariants) are equivalent to those of an open topological string theory with target space the cotangent bundle T *X 3T^\ast X^3 with D3-branes. (Witten 92)

For X 3=S 3X^3 = S^3 the 3-sphere, the large N limit is also dual, in a topological string/TQFT-version of AdS/CFT duality, to a closed topological string theory with target space the blow-up of the conifold (Gopakumar-Vafa 98).



Direct open topological string theory

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Dual closed topological string theory

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