nLab wrapped brane




A brane worldvolume ϕ:ΣX\phi \colon \Sigma \longrightarrow X is said to wrap a cycle cH dim(Σ)(X)c \in H_{\dim(\Sigma)}(X) in spacetime XX when the pushforward ϕ *[Σ]H (X)\phi_\ast [\Sigma] \in H_\bullet(X) of the fundamental class of Σ\Sigma is the class, [c][c], of the given cycle in XX. If the pushforward is a multiple of [c][c], then the brane is said to wrap cc multiple times.


Via the identification of D-brane charge in K-theory, the K-theoretic McKay correspondence formalizes how D-branes wrap the fundamental cycles in the blow-up resultion of an ADE-singularity (Gonzalez-Sprinberg & Verdier 83)

graphics grabbed from Sugimoto 16


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